Hubert Whiten v. NBC, Will Smith – LA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT

Case: Discrimination

Outcome:Undisclosed Amount Settlement

Description: Janet Hubert Whiten played Aunt Vivian on the Fresh Prince of Belair with Will Smith. She alleged pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination when she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. The matter was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Lizee v. State of Washington, DSHS et. al. -WA PIERCE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT

Case: Sexual Harassment

Outcome: Case was settled for nearly $800,000.00

Description:Plaintiff, a 50 year old, Caucasian female, was sexually harassed by her supervisor, Barrett Green, African American President of the Washington State Employees Union. Twenty women testified that they too had been sexually harassed for over two decades. Corrective action had not been taken by WSH officials and the State.

CEO of Western State Hospital, was fired along with Barrett Green. Many state employees who were retired were fearful of retaliation being taken against their relatives who were current employees and initially were afraid to testify. Several other lawsuits followed with similar results as a result of the courage of Lizee. The retaliation was systemic up through the supervisor that the CEO reported to who was in collusion with an Union Representative. Lizee was stripped of her duties, placed in a hallway without support staff and ridiculed.

Long v. Fred Savage (Wonder Years), et al -CA LA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT

Case: Sexual Harassment

Description:Plaintiff was a wardrobe costumer working for the actor, Fred Savage. She was in her early 30’s and Fred was 16 at the time and was one of the highest paid actors, grossing $75,000 a week. Long claimed inappropriate sexual working environment. Her claim survived 12 demurrers from law firms such as Paul Hastings et al, Howard Weitzman, Esq., as there was sufficient evidence not to dismiss the case based upon sworn declarations.

Case: Sexual Harassment

Outcome: Jury and attorney fee award of $610,000 (later reduced on appeal). Largest award at the time in the state for a single plaintiff who had been sexually harassed.

Description:Plaintiff worked for the bank and was told the only way she could get ahead was to sleep with management. Puget Sound National Bank was the third largest bank in the state. It is now known as Key Bank.


Case:Race, National Origin Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Outcome:$1.8 million to plaintiffs plus an additional $750,000 set aside for potential claims.

Description: Current and former Afro Americans supervisors and managers who intervened in EEOC’s suit, brought charges of race and sex discrimination, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Racial epithets would be prevalent in the work place and often on the dealership intercom heard by the public. At that time Robert Larson Automotive Group was the third largest dealership in Washington State, grossing over $43 million a year.
Charges: Included racial offensive epithets, hostile work environment, was perpetuated by the owner characterizing customers and employees in derogatory and Demeaning ways.

Stanfield et. al. v. Xerox Corporation, Barry Rand et. al. -CA. LA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT

Case:Sexual Harassment

Outcome:Undisclosed Amount

Description:Ms. Grant represented three women, two of whom were African-American and one Caucasian, who were sexually harassed by their immediate supervisor and subjected to a hostile working environment by Barry Rand, CEO of Xerox Corporation. The overtures included unwanted sexual comments and advances at the workplace, as well as lavish parties with a sexual emphasis. This case settled for an undisclosed amount.